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  Focus Area
  Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership places its focus on cross cutting issues of Toxicity, Waste and Pollution. The actions listed below are only indicative and not meant to be an exhaustive list. Projects should relate to one or more of the broad areas mentioned.

WASTE including municipal waste, bio medical waste, hazardous waste and electronic waste. The targeted activities may have an urban or a semi urban/ rural perspective but most important is for all the interventions to be solution based. Some suggestive activities that could be supported under EEJP may include those that:

  • Demonstrate environmentally sustainable model on waste management especially in rural and semi urban areas
  • Generate awareness among well-defined target groups with clear indicators
  • Involve base line studies with a solution-based approach
  • Draw linkages between waste management and climate change
  • Involve training and capacity building of waste pickers, recyclers and others.
  • Focus on brining transparency in the waste management practice

TOXICITY issues including heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, and persistent organic pollutants among others. EEJP encourages the following type of activities on the issue:

  • Research community impacts of heavy metals and/ or other toxic chemicals, including bio-monitoring
  • Innovate methodologies to conduct research on toxicity in products
  • Testing of products for toxicity to establish facts
  • Generate new data on pesticides usages, persistent organic pollutants and other toxic chemicals
  • Identify and promote safer alternatives - chemical as well as non-chemical - to toxic chemicals.
  • Draw linkages between toxicity and climate change.
  • Generate awareness among well-defined target groups with clear outcome
  • Targeted interventions that strengthens the regulatory and implementation mechanism and promote transparency

POLLUTION issues are wide ranging. EEJP however will focus on interventions that links to other two areas and seek to demonstrate impact and catalyzes larger issues. These may include, among others:

  • New baseline studies/research on emerging pollution issues
  • Promote new methodology in conducting research
  • Identify new pollution hotspots and plan specific interventions
  • Targeted interventions on specific pollution issues with the objective of bringing concrete change
  • Environmental monitoring and testing
  • Pollution and climate change

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