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The Environmental Fellowship component of Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership allows it to assist young committed individuals with a leadership potential to engage with the cross cutting issues of Toxicity, Waste and Pollution within the context of environmental justice. The broad aim is to encourage new thinking and perspective that in turn challenge the status quo and help re-imagine solutions.

This is a full time program of One-year duration during which the Awardees will receive a fellowship of Rs. 120,000, in addition to opportunities for carrying out work under expert guidance; networking and capacity building.

Projects will be supported to the extent that they are strategic and have a strong environmental justice dimension. All activities should fall under the broad areas of Toxicity, Waste and Pollution (refer to Focus Areas).


Who Should Apply

Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership is looking for young individuals with innovative ideas, leadership potential with a strong desire for personal and professional development.

The Environmental Fellowship is open to Indian women and men, resident in any part of the country, and who are under 35 years of age. Application may be from any sector including: social movements, corporate sector, media or academia. Fellowships are awarded to applicants from any discipline: social sciences, medicine and health, management, law, education etc. Prior relevant experience and a strong commitment to take on issues concerning toxicity, waste and pollution is crucial and so is their willingness to devote time to the various elements of EEJP.

Preference will be given to individuals who have:

  • A plan to develop professional capacity and knowledge;
  • Clearly defined and realistic objectives;
  • A strategy to influence and impact policy and public debate;
  • Indicators of progress towards those objectives.
  • A clear follow up/ sustainability plan.

EEJP may also consider ‘Joint Fellowship( Download Form: MsWord; PDF ). in exceptional cases under which two individuals may jointly submit an application. There however has to be a strong justification for the need for joint work. In such a case, the fellowship amount will be determined by the Board upon review of the activity plan and may not necessarily be at par with two fellowships. Contact EEJP Coordinator to find about the application procedure.


Kinds Of Actions Supported

Decisions to award fellowships are based on many factors and are affected by competition for limited funds. Therefore, it is not possible to specify the types of projects that will be supported.

Broadly speaking, fellowships may be offered to individuals who wish to evolve innovative approaches, action and/or research initiatives in the program’s focus areas. In addition, support may be provided for policy advocacy and information dissemination strategies that broaden public understanding of the issues. All activities should be action oriented and be rooted in a community/ site.

Moreover, the projects should be in line with broad EEJP principles and focus on:

  • challenging the status quo by re-imagining existing solutions;
  • promoting new environmental thinking, perspectives and research;
  • producing and disseminating knowledge products that brings change on the ground;
  • raising cross over awareness about issues and concepts of environmental justice.
  • promoting public participation in environmental decision making;
  • building capacity, advocating policy change, raising public education, among others.

Since there are far more requests than can possibly be funded. Applicants should understand that a decision to decline support does not necessarily mean that EEJP disapproves of the proposed action or fails to appreciate its merits.


Actions That Are Not Eligible

This program is not intended to provide partial support for any of the ongoing activities. The EEJP will consider only one application from an individual at any given time.

In terms of specific activities, EEJP cannot support any formal academic training programs, study programs and profit making activities.


Before Applying

EEJP requires that every applicant is linked (formally or informally) to a local mentor. The mentor could either be an individual or an organisation, having expertise on the specific issue. Before applying to EEJP, the applicant should have discussed the idea with the mentor and developed the activity plan in consultation. Mentor should have a clearly defined role and the same needs to be elaborated in the concept note/ proposal. Applications not meeting this requirement will not be considered favourably.


Application Process

To apply for Environmental Fellowship, submit a Concept Note in the prescribed format ( Download Form: MsWord; PDF ). Applications should be neatly typed and include all requisite details. It should not exceed more than 3-pages. Submissions made in any other format will not be considered. Application may be submitted either in English or in Hindi.

The short listed applicants will be asked to submit the detailed proposal (in prescribed format), along with supporting documents, at a later stage. The multi layered decision-making process of EEJP involves personal interview and a presentation by the applicant.

The application for Environmental Fellowship may be submitted by e-mail, courier, or post (Applications sent by Fax will not be accepted) not later than 31st May, 2011. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered during the current cycle. (refer to the Grant Timeline under Grant Process).

The decisions on Environmental Fellowship are made only once a year. Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership gives prompt consideration to all applications. The review may take up to four months to complete. The applicants shall be notified of the decision as soon as possible.

The FAQs section includes answers to some of the common questions received on regular basis and may help answer your queries. For other queries, please email at:


Where To Send Your Application:

By courier/ post/ hand: Coordinator
Environmental Equity and Justice Partnership (EEJP)
H 2 (Ground Floor), Jungpura Extension;
New Delhi 110014

By email at: (only for application submission)



EF Guidelines (.pdf)
EEJP Fellowship Application Form (.doc)
EEJP Fellowship Joint Application Form (.doc)
Full Application Package (.zip)


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